In a Vase on Monday: North Georgia Mountains

(c) Terri Robertson, T’s Southern Garden 2018

Today I’m posting from my family home on Pinnacle Mountain, just outside the quaint town of Clayton, Georgia.

It’s a sisters’ long weekend, and we’re about to head out to lunch, so I’ll make this quick!

The vase is the bottom part of a covered glass dish purchased at a nearby flea market. I’ve filled it with:

  • Berries—perhaps young wild blackberries
  • Daylilies
  • Pine branches
  • Queen Anne’s lace
  • Roses

To the either side of the vase, I placed:

  • Bark—covered with lichen and moss
  • Mountain laurel branch—dead, covered with lichen and moss
  • Rhododendron—foliage and bud
  • Rocks found on various family hikes

Thanks to Cathy and her blog, Rambling in the Garden, for hosting the IAVOM meme. It’s helped me connect to other garden bloggers and makes blogging much more enjoyable. Be sure to visit her post today (she has a nice rustic vase featuring Allium christophii) and the comments section to see what other gardeners around the world have put in a vase on Monday.

(c) Terri Robertson, T’s Southern Garden 2018

Thanks for stopping by! Please come again.


Author: Terri Robertson

I'm a novice gardener who creates arrangements using cuttings and plants from my yard, vintage containers, and found objects both natural and manmade. In my work life, I am a writer and editor, who recently joined the team of Flower magazine as digital media manager.

5 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday: North Georgia Mountains”

  1. We had a Sisters’ Day a week ago – but they both came here, from north and south. Yes, a similarly simple and rustic vase from you Terri, and I was pleased to read what you said about connecting with other bloggers. It adds a whole new dimension to life, doesn’t it?

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