Spring Has Sprung in Birmingham

My inner gardener has returned. Hopefully she’ll stick around this time.

Heirloom Narcissus, daffodil, photographer Terri Robertson

I have been woefully neglectful of my garden and my blog. But I’ve found inspiration anew as the trees begin to leaf out and spring’s first blooms appear, such as the heirloom Narcissus above. Here’s what else is happening in my yard this fine March day.

Jane magnolia, photographer Terri Robertson
Jane magnolia

I purchased a Jane magnolia a couple of years ago after being awestruck by a beautiful one on the Quad of the University of Alabama campus in Tuscaloosa. I can’t wait for time to transform this one from a shrub into a small tree. But the blooms are stunning no matter the size.

Birmingham, Alabama, Red-veined sorrel, photographer Terri Robertson
Red-veined sorrel

Next up, my red-veined sorrel has returned for another year. I credit placing the pot under a dripping faucet because I certainly haven’t been tending to it. (That’s called making lemonade out of lemons, folks.) These greens have a lemony kick, making them a delicious addition to salads.

Birmingham, Alabama, vinca, photographer Terri Robertson, T's Southern Garden Blog

This patch of vinca came with the house. While vinca can be invasive, in the five years we’ve lived here, it’s been self contained to this location. That being the case, I let it be and enjoy the purple blooms it offers in early spring.

Last but not least …

Birmingham, Alabama, Shishigashira, Japanese maple, leafing out, photographer Terri Robertson, T's Southern Garden Blog, March 2019

Our larger Japanese maple is leafing out. This variety is a Shishigashira, aka Lion’s Mane. Like the lush mane of a lion, the tiny delicate leaves are densely packed.

We planted this tree as a memorial to our cat Sally, and sometimes we call her Sallygashira. We think she enjoys the birds, who are none the wiser, sitting on her year round.

At the very end of fall, she truly roars in the most glorious red. I’ll try not to be so neglectful and post a photo next fall so you can see it, too. In the meantime, her spring leaves are pretty special.

Thanks for stopping by T’s Southern Garden Blog. I hope to see you again soon.






Author: Terri Robertson

I'm a novice gardener who creates arrangements using cuttings and plants from my yard, vintage containers, and found objects both natural and manmade. In my work life, I am a writer and editor, who recently joined the team of Flower magazine as digital media manager.

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