In a Vase on Monday: Succulents

(c) Terri Robertson, T's Southern Garden 2018I’m in between summer and spring blooming seasons, so today’s In A Vase on Monday post is a pot of succulents.

This week I wrote a story about succulents for a local digital media outlet called Bham Now. The research for that story flowed over into real life, and brought me a great deal of tiny garden joy. This stoneware planter, a $2 estate-sale find, did not make the article, but I’m sharing it with you now.

Ripple jade

The tall plant in the center is ripple jade (Crassula arborescens subsp. undulatifolia). I thought it was a steal for $3.95 at Oak Street Garden Shop in Birmingham, Alabama. Something about the shape and watery green color of the leaves is mesmerizing.

Oak Street Garden Shop maintains a community pollinator garden outside its shop in Crestline Village. (Nothing to do with succulents, of course, but I had to include it.) The owner tells me that goldfinches feast there in the morning, in addition to the bees and butterflies who visit all day.

(c) Terri Robertson, T's Southern Garden 2018
Black-eyed Susans are the stars of this pollinator garden in June. Seedlings of zinnias and cosmos are popping up among the fading larkspur and bachelor buttons, which are going to seed.
Peperomia prostrata

The plant spilling over the side to the back-right is Peperomia prostrata. I bought a tiny pot for $5.95 at the same shop, and I divided it among three different planters.

(c) Terri Robertson, T's Southern Garden 2018

Single-leaf propagations

The two tiniest plants in my pot of succulents are the result of single-leaf propagation. I don’t know the names of the specific varieties, unfortunately. These baby succulents are 8 months old, starting from the date I snapped off the parent leaves.


Propagated cuttings

The remaining two plants in the stoneware planter are propagated cuttings (I do not have a record of the plants’ names). Below is one of the original plants, which is in bloom at the moment.

(c) Terri Robertson, T's Southern Garden 2018

Thanks to Cathy and her blog, Rambling in the Garden, for hosting the IAVOM meme. Check out her lovely offering today of sweet peas, cosmos and grasses, and visit the comments section to see what other gardeners around the world have put in a vase on Monday.


Author: Terri Robertson

I'm a novice gardener who creates arrangements using cuttings and plants from my yard, vintage containers, and found objects both natural and manmade. In my work life, I am a writer and editor, who recently joined the team of Flower magazine as digital media manager.

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