In a Vase on Monday: Pretty in Pink

(c) Terri Robertson,, April 2, 2018
Loropetalum (foliage), George Taber azaleas, tulip Menton and oxalis

The blooms in today’s post remind me of the prom dress Andie creates in the 1980s movie “Pretty in Pink.”

Is that movie a classic anywhere other than the United States? I don’t even like the final dress creation in the movie, but this bouquet has the same pink-on-pink-on-pink quality (in a good way, I hope).

Here are the components of this week’s “In a Vase on Monday”:

1. Tulip Menton

My last tulip of the season is a pretty one. When I started this post, all I knew was I wanted to make the most of this bright peachy-pink bloom.

2. George Taber azaleas

The azaleas, which were beginning to flower two weeks ago, are now in full bloom. The white azaleas are just as lovely and fluffy, but I decided to stick with a pink theme for this vase.

(c) Terri Robertson, T's Southern Garden

3. Oxalis

The tiny hot pink blooms tucked into the center of the arrangement are oxalis. Some people consider oxalis a weed, but I have come to like it growing here and there throughout the garden beds. The photo below shows oxalis flowers after they’ve closed for the evening.

(c) Terri Robertson, T's Southern Garden

4. Loropetalum

We planted loropetalum bushes along our chain-link fence for privacy last year. A friend suggested them as a fast-growing, drought-tolerant classic. In a couple of years, I think we’ll have good fence coverage. Its maroon foliage turned out to be a good complement to this week’s blooms.

5. Repurposed gin bottle (vase)

I love a good gin-and-tonic. The Botanist is one of my favorite gins, and the bottle makes a pretty vase.

(c) Terri Robertson, T's Southern Garden

Thanks to Cathy and her blog, Rambling in the Garden, for hosting the IAVOM meme. It’s helped me connect to other garden bloggers and makes blogging much more enjoyable. Be sure to visit her blog and the comments section to see what she and other gardeners around the world have put in a vase on Monday.